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These days, face masks are a common cosmetic treatment. It might surprise you to know that Ayurveda has been using them for thousands of years. All those years ago, people knew that the skin is a surface for absorption. It’s only recently that this has been accepted into Western medicine

Some of the benefits of rice flour in skin care:

  • Rice contains a great deal of para aminobenzoic acid, ferulic acid and allantoin. Para aminobenzoic acid serves as a good sunscreen and increases the absorption of Vitamin C in the body.
  • Ferulic acid is an anti-oxidant and allantoin is inflammatory in natures and repairs the skin.

In Ayurveda, we use rice water to cleanse and tone facial skin. Rice water is rich in beauty nutrients that make it fantastic for both skin and hair. It is a wonderful way to hydrate, whiten, brighten and tone your skin.

Let us help you to improve the health of your skin.

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