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“They say time and meditation heals….but are there any protocols to handle grieving the loss of a loved one?” – Pauline Stephens

Grief is an emptiness that follows loss. The space created when we lose a loved one increases the ether element. Air fills the space of ether and together they vitiate vata dosha. Hence, grief aggravates all conditions of a vata nature. Everyone reacts differently to loss depending upon their constitutional and spiritual nature. When it triggers deep grief, an individual may feel like they are wandering, lost, and healing is necessary.

Yes, some say “time and meditation heals.” Other say, “time and tears”. There is no formula though. The healing path is one that pacifies vata dosha and there are many ways to do this. And yes, it does take time.

Following a vata pacifying program will support the healing.

  • Be gentle with yourself and take the time you need.
  • Nourish yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Take in nourishing vata pacifying foods.
  • Receiving Ayurvedic massages with the appropriate warm oils to balance vata dosha. You can also massage yourself.
  • Consider a heart basti – a special treatment that nourishes the heart physically and emotionally.
  • Seek spiritual community that raises your vibration and expands your perceptions of self, life and death.
  • Take time in stillness. Don’t run away from your feelings by getting too busy. Go for walks and contemplate your feelings.
  • Spend time in meditation and when you are ready, lift yourself up above and beyond the pain and grief of loss.
  • The imbalance created by loss often disturbs the body as well as the mind. Herbal formulas can help you maintain balance while doing the deeper work of healing.
  • Love is the most powerful tool for healing I have found. Seek out the company of those who are kind and compassionate and who truly love you.

Be well, Be kind, Be love!

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