Tip #1 – Healthy Skin Begins Within

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Healthy Skin Begins Within – Respect Your Agni, Reflect Beauty

One’s skin is beautiful because it is healthy. Skin is healthy when the body’s digestive system is balanced. Balance in the digestive system relates to the food one eats and the lifestyle one chooses to live. Healthy skin begins within.

There is a computer programming term, “GIGO,” which means “garbage in, garbage out.” It applies not only to the processing ability of a computer, but the processing ability of the body and mind. The quality/integrity of the output is directly dependent on the quality/integrity of the input. Consuming junk food, leftovers, soda pop, and excess caffeine stresses digestion and can prematurely age the skin. Ayurveda states that we metabolize, or digest, our entire environment through all our senses. So, if one is feeding their mind with negative thoughts and living a lifestyle that consists of late nights, frequent happy hours, strained work, and constant multi-tasking, the digestive system becomes unbalanced. Poor diet and a high-stress lifestyle cause a build-up of ama (toxins) in the tissues. The result is poor tissue quality, especially in the skin.

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