Shirodhara: Break free from the ordinary

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Shirodhara: Break free from the ordinary

Humans have to deal with different situations such as professional, psychological, environmental, social, and much more on a daily basis, which in most cases end up in feelings like frustration which in turn lead to stress.

Ironically, maintaining the balance into the daily life in such conditions can develop metabolic, endocrine, psychological, and even autoimmune disorders, affecting our body, mental, and spiritual health afterwards.

Certainly, the Ayurvedic science contemplates the immediate connection between body and mind, leading to the main objective of Shirodhara Therapy: balancing the Doshas and bringing you a plethora of benefits.

Shirodhara Therapy is a non-invasive ancient Ayurvedic healing technique that has shown to be astonishing rebalancing the Doshas (life forces) and bringing great benefits such as maintaining the health balance as so as its calming, relaxing, and soothing effects on the body and mind.

This therapy involves pouring medicated oil over the forehead in a steady stream or flow so that plenty of liquid and herb options can be chosen depending on the Ayurveda practitioner´s criteria in order to get better results.

Also, carrying out this procedure is pretty safe, pleasant and heartwarming and according to many studies, it is so much effective especially in the treatment of stress and anxiety, among its benefits you can find:

  • Decrease of insomnia and headache
  • Decrease of mental and physical stress and hypertension
  • improves cognitive abilities
  • improves mind concentration
  • Promotes Better sleep
  • Nourishes hair and scalp and more!

Undoubtedly, whereas common head massages can reach good results for relaxation, Ayurbeauty´s Shirodhara Therapy conveys a holistic point of view and fosters the connection between body, mind and soul.

Also, Ayurbeauty Wellness Center counts with certified experienced practitioners, certified therapies, techniques and products providing the most effective Shirodhara treatment ever.

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