Enhancing Detox with Swedhana

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Enhancing Detox with Swedhana

Every day activities make our bodies be exposed to toxins all over the environment through air and water pollution, chemicals in everyday products, food, drinks and so on; some of them are eliminated by our normal biological processes, others may remain in our bodies causing overloads which are often the cause of a plenty of illnesses and even mental disorders.

As a result, in recent years detoxification has become an important subject matter of study in order to maintain good health; thus, Ayurveda developed several forms of holistic treatments and therapies like Swedhana, which aims for the detoxification as well as the wellness of mind, body and soul, to promote natural healing, and improve the lifestyle of those who practices it.

Swedhana is an Ayurvedic practice created from certain special techniques which fosters sweating and detoxification of the body afterwards. Swedana as any Ayurvedic practice offers various health benefits to the body.

Hence, the treatment involves the implementation of heat, a steam bath for the whole body while the person is lying on the table; also, selected herbs or oils may be used depending on the body type, personal current imbalances, and even the season.

Swedhana normally lasts from 10 to 15 minutes and is implemented after other therapies like Panchakarma or Abhyanga in order to complement the procedures by permeating into the skin and removing toxins through sweat.

Ayurbeauty Wellness Center brings to you this form of therapeutic sweating used for thousands of years through history.

Our experienced Ayurveda practitioners will make you relax your mind and body while enjoying in a soothing steam bath and draining the toxins from deep tissues after your Abhyanga body oil massage.

Improve your health and cleanse your body with its benefits:

  • Increase appetite
  • Softens the skin
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Facilitates the burning of fats
  • Depurate of the sanguineous torrent
  • Eliminates toxins and relaxes the musculature

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