The Skin as a Mirror of the Soul

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The skin is our largest \”organ\” and is considered to mirror the soul – dry, limp and greasy? Or smooth and pure? Oftentimes, a simple care routine and bad eating habits or lifestyle are not conducive to health. Matching your skin type according to Ayurveda results in taking proper care of the skin, which will radiate from the inside out, mirroring the soul.

Vata skin type

Feels rather cool, usually fine-pored, pale, delicate, dry and sensitive to environmental influences, particularly to the cold and dryness: Vata skin types are very sensitive and will quickly chap. If unbalanced, the skin becomes flaky and ages rapidly. Even blemishes and scarring are then blown out of proportion. Therefore, proper care includes relaxing facial oil massages, nourishing masks, revitalizing treatments and nourishing creams.

Because of the delicateness of their skin, however, as they get older Vatas are prone to wrinkles and premature aging if they do not take care to consistently moisturize and hydrate. They are also highly vulnerable to dry, windy weather, and if their skin goes out of balance it will become dry, flaky, and prone to eczema and irritation.

If this is your type, in order to balance the cold, drying energy of your Vata skin you need to focus on two key words: soothe and hydrate.

Bringing your body into full balance also means adopting a Vata-pacifying lifestyle. This involves going to bed on time, eating regular meals, and following a regular daily routine, including a regular daily facial skin-care routine.

Pitta skin types

Are oily, well supplied with blood and warm. They prone to blemishes, acne, birthmarks, freckles and wrinkles, perspires a lot – also in the facial area. Pitta skin is prone to slight wrinkling and redness. When pitta is unbalanced it often accompanied by restlessness, nervousness, bloating, constipation and insomnia. There is also an increase in perspiration, heartburn, impatience, anger, and the feeling of being mentally pressurized.
Pitta skin would be like to be cooled and soothed, e.g. using relaxing oil massages. And: pay attention to the acid-base balance in respect to nutrition.

If this is your type, in order to balance the hot, moist energy of your Pitta skin you need to focus on two key words: soothe and balance.

Because it is so highly prone to irritation, everything you use must be gentle, all natural, and contain ingredients designed to both balance sebum (oil) production, and soothe and protect. It is most important for Pittas, among all the doshas, to avoid harsh, synthetic products.

Bringing your body into full balance also means adopting a Pitta-pacifying lifestyle. This involves starting your day with a mindfulness meditation or calming exercise like yoga, tai chi, or pilates, and enjoying a daily walk to cool off your body. Establishing a nightly electronic-free calming routine is also important to wind down and prepare for sleep. Both your morning and evening routines should of course include time to care for your skin.

Kapha skin types

Are cool, well moisturized and feel rather \”thick\”. The skin is shiny, oily, but soft and smooth. Kapha skin perspires little and the complexion is light and pale. Kapha skin types are able to handle the effects of the sun and cold better, due to their fat content. When kapha is unbalanced, increasingly large pores, sebum, itchiness and eczema become more evident. These effects are also reflected in the bodily functions such as a sluggish metabolism, water and toxins accumulate – the feeling of heaviness, sluggishness and pain may spread and may lead to depression.
It is advised to treat these symptoms by increasing the lymphatic flow, activating the skin\’s metabolism and releasing embedded waste. This can be achieved through enjoying steam baths with essential supplements – hot compresses help cleanse, providing new energy and refining the complexion.

Kapha skin is soft, supple, and cool to the touch. Kaphas do not suffer from the dryness and premature aging of Vattas or experience the sensitivity and irritation of Pittas. Their skin is thick and moist, and tends towards large pores.

Because of its cool nature, Kapha skin handles cold, dry weather with few issues. If you have Kapha skin you may even find that it is at its best in the winter months. As the temperature and humidity increase, however, you are likely to experience more skin problems.

Bringing your body into full balance also means adopting a Kapha-pacifying lifestyle. This involves starting your day early with a mug of hot tea, a warming facial massage, and some brisk exercise. Eat only when hungry, and enjoy a light, easy to digest dinner in the evening. Finish your day with another warm drink, and go to bed early. Both your morning and evening routines should of course include time to care for your skin.

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