Netra Tarpana! An Ayurvedic Eye Bath

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Netra Tarpana is essentially made up of two Sanskrit words: “netra” meaning eyes and “tarpana” meaning rehydration. This Ayurvedic therapy utilizes ghee, which is clarified butter. Ghee is a healing agent for tired, stressed, dehydrated eyes and disorderly eyesight.

In addition to environmental factors, insomnia and stress the overuse of computer screens, cell phones and ipads can lead to dryness, strain, and burning hot sensation in our eyes and sometimes affect vision. Ancient Ayurvedic prescribes a classic recipe to soothe, heal and nourish the eyes with a treatment called \”Netra tarpana\” or \”netra basti\”.  This treatment can be used as both a preventive and curative measure.

Lukewarm Ghrita or ghee is combined with medicinal herbs and poured on closed eyes within the frames of a Masha paste. The patient is instructed to open and close their eyes intermittently which allows the medicinal properties of the liquified Ghrita to soak through.  The length of time of application may be adjusted depending on the severity of the condition being treated.

Importance of Netra Tarpana

Netra Tarpana is therapeutic and effective for a number of reasons and here are some of them situations:

  • Brightens and strengthens the eyes, improves vision, calms the brain and nervous system, promotes sleep and relieves insomnia.
  • Relieves eye disorders like dryness, itching and red eyes and eye strain from overuse of phones computers and reading in poor light.

Netra Tarpana also balances and pacifies the doshic imbalances behind many Conditions:

  • Ghee rasa is cooling which helps reduce pitta imbalance.
  • Triphala is an Ayurveda herb used to treat many ailments, such as pink eye, and is good for treating vata, pitta and kapha.
  • Ghee lubricates and nourishes the tissues, ducts and nadis or energy meridians in our body.

Netra Tarpana treatment rejuvenates and relieves the stress accumulated in the eyes and helps the marmas to work more efficiently.

Depending on the dosha being addressed, the type of Ghrita, or blending of the ghee with different herbs, differs according to Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The severity of the problem, the procedure should be extended up to a maximum of five days.

Netra Tarpana is preventive as well and can be received on a regular basis to maintain vision and eye health.

Indications for Netra Tarpana

The concoction of medicinal herbs and ghee seeps deep into the subtle channels of the eye and provides cures for:

  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Computer, Cell phone, technology impaired vision
  • Conjunctivitis and other corneal ailments
  • Early cataract formations
  • Glaucoma
  • Refractive errors
  • Optic Neuritis
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Improper coordination and loss of movement of the eyeballs
  • pain and burning sensations

Advisory Note

Netra Tarpana should be performed in the afternoon in optimal temperature conditions. Extremely cold or hot conditions should be avoided. This treatment should be performed by a trained Ayurvedic practitioner.


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