The Benefits Of Yoga For Your Soul

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Yoga is more than just a set of physical exercises. It is a practice that develops the body and soul. If you perform yoga asanas consciously and regularly, you will notice that for the better, not only your body will change, but your whole life as a whole. In our article we want to share with you eight important reasons why everyone should try yoga classes and the benefits of yoga.
Reason 1. Yoga helps to gain contact with the body.
One of the main reasons every person should try yoga is that this practice helps you to feel and hear your body better. This is especially important for a modern woman, because many of us are developing our own business or working on several jobs at the same time, while raising children and not forgetting about other areas of life. Such a rhythm requires a high level of responsibility, and therefore constant tension. If you do not take the time to take care of your body, all the accumulated stress will develop into bodily clamps, which can worsen the quality of life, but the body is our main resource. Thanks to him, we have the opportunity to live, breathe, love. In order to be in the resource and fully realize your life potential, it is important to have an energetic, free and relaxed body, which is a benefit of yoga.

Reason 2. Yoga helps fight bad habits

As we already wrote, yoga teaches you to feel your body in the present moment. According to scientists, it is bodily awareness that is the key skill for dealing with bad habits. A study conducted by Italian scientists found that awareness training, which is where the benefits of yoga, with the correct performance of asanas, relieves addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. In other experiments, it became clear that mindfulness practices help to cope with eating disorders, including overeating. This is due to the fact that when we are in the present moment and are aware of the needs of our body, we make more informed decisions instead of following fleeting desires.

Reason 3. Yoga helps to succeed in life.

Regular benefits of yoga classes will help you go up the career ladder or succeed in your own business. How is this related? Firstly, during the practice of yoga it is necessary to calm your mind and learn to be in the present moment, in order to better concentrate on the movements of your body. With regular classes, we transfer this condition to everyday life – as a result, we become more effective in our work. 

According to research , mindfulness training helps increase your productivity and is less likely to be distracted even under stress. Secondly, yoga improves brain function. During researchit was found that in people who practice yoga regularly, the volume of gray mass of the brain is greater than in others in the hippocampus – the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. Another experience revealed the thickening of the neocortex in all those who practiced bodily awareness while observing sensations in their bodies. According to other studies , regular practice of yoga has contributed to the improvement of cognitive functions in subjects with drug addiction. Third, scientists have found that mindfulness training helps make better decisions. All these effects of yoga and meditation will certainly help you achieve your goals.

Reason 4. Yoga makes our relationship more harmonious

Yoga includes breathing practices. According to clinical psychologist Belisa Vranic , breathing is the main way to strengthen emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, express and control your own emotions, as well as understand and correctly respond to the emotions of other people. This skill is important for a strong and happy relationship. This idea is confirmed by the researchers. The results of one of the experiments showed that people are satisfied with their relationship in those cases when they or their partner have a high EI. Another study found that couples in which both partners have low emotional intelligence tend to quarrel and cannot build happy, deep relationships.

Reason 5. Yoga helps sleep better

Another reason to do yoga is that it improves the quality of sleep. A study by the Harvard Medical School found that daily yoga practice helps deal with different types of insomnia. Improvements were found in the quality, duration and latency of sleep. In other experiments, it turned out that yoga improves sleep quality and reduces fatigue among patients diagnosed with cancer. 

Another group of Brazilian scientists from the University of São Paulorevealed the positive impact of practice on sleep and women’s quality of life. At the same time, yoga as a ritual before bedtime will help not only to get enough sleep, but also to establish your own regimen. Evening practice will signal that it is time for your body to prepare for bed. So you learn to cause drowsiness in a more natural and orderly way. In our other article about evening habits for a good morning you can find three evening yoga asanas that will help you fall asleep more quickly.

Reason 6. Yoga improves posture.

Many yoga asanas strengthen the health of the back, making it stronger, relaxed and flexible. This, in turn, is closely related to the quality of our lives. According to scientists, posture affects not only our appearance, but also our productivity , the work of the digestive tract and even our mood . In addition, according to research , yoga significantly relieves pain in the lower back, while reducing the patient’s need for medication . This practice is one of the best tools for ensuring back health.

Reason 7. Yoga improves digestion.

Many have heard that the benefits of yoga in that it  improves posture, but not everyone knows that it positively affects our digestion. Some asanas, for example, soft twisting while sitting, have a massage effect, increasing blood flow to the organs of the digestive tract. This can help get rid of gas, bloating and constipation. In one study, it was found that exercise helps to relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and the associated anxiety and fatigue.

Reason 8. Yoga makes us happier

There is another important reason to do yoga: this practice increases happiness. If you are no longer a beginner in this business, then you most likely noticed how your mood improves after class. According to a study by scientists from India, people who practice yoga have a higher level of happiness than those who do not. Other studies have shown that hatha yoga helps deal with depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. In addition, according to the philosophy of yoga, the benefits of yoga to your happiness is a skill that you can learn, and this practice will help

You may have noticed that one point follows from another. This is one of the lessons of yoga – everything is interconnected. Starting to do yoga, you will understand that not only your body and health are changing, but also your perception of yourself, your emotions and the world around you. We are sure that many of our readers have already experienced the magic of this practice on themselves. If you are not among them, be sure to try yoga.

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