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Ayurveda follows the Tridosha theory, in which the five elements combine to form the three governing principles known as the doshas.

Air and space form the Vata Dosha, the principle of movement which is light, dry, rough, and irregular. Fire and water combine to form the Pitta Dosha, the principle of transformation which is hot and sharp. Earth and water make the Kapha Dosha, the principle of structure which is heavy, cool, slow, and stable.

We can use the 5,000-year-old practice that originated in India to help us schedule our calendar based on the dosha system. To piece together what dosha is prominent on any given day, I like to look to the planet that is ruling that day. This list of planets and their corresponding dosha forms a loose Ayurvedic schedule that I follow for every day of the week.

Sunday: Pitta Dosha

Sunday is governed by the Sun, so the fiery and energetic Pitta Dosha dominates.


Take advantage of your increased energy and run, hike, bike, dance or enjoy a strong yoga practice.


Overload on foods and drinks that are heating in nature, like chillies, alcohol and red meat.

Monday: Kapha & Vata Dosha

Monday is governed by the Moon, which is celebrated for its cooling, soothing and nourishing properties. Kapha and Vata dominate.


Overdo it. Even though Monday is seen as a day to rev up your engines after the excesses of the weekend, from an Ayurvedic perspective this is actually the day to take extra rest and meditation.


Eat a light diet and do gentle exercise like yin yoga.

Tuesday: Pitta Dosha

Tuesday is governed by Mars, the red planet that invokes fire, anger, and courageall characteristics of Pitta.


Set aside this day for challenging tasks and difficult conversations that require you to summon courage and strength.


Pick fights, as things can escalate quickly with all of this fired-up energy.

Wednesday: All 3 doshas

Wednesday is governed by Mercury, the planet with the biggest variation in temperature (ranging from -280 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit in a single day) so all three doshas predominate on Wednesdays.


Waste your time with a Hump Day attitude. Stay grateful and open to all the opportunities in the air.


Apply yourself to self-improvement: Read, set goals, and journal.

Thursday: Kapha Dosha

Thursday is governed by Jupiter, a planet so big it casts shadows visible from Earth, so down here we feel the grounding dominance of Kapha.


This day is infused with knowledge, wisdom, nourishment and happiness. Get work done and plan a home-cooked meal if you can.


Skip your workout. Since Kapha is naturally heavy, we want to stay balanced with cardio or more dynamic yoga practices.

Friday: Kapha & Vata Dosha

Friday is governed by Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty, and is influenced by Kapha and Vata.


Enjoy the arts, beauty and music. Take a walk in nature, head to the local art gallery with a friend, or stay home, cook and create,


Opt for a TV marathon and a bottle of wine, or any other vices that dull the senses.

Saturday: Vata

Saturday is governed by Saturn, an enormous ball of gas, so this day is associated with the light and airy Vata element.


Bask in the creativity, movement, and enthusiasm inherent in Vata and enjoy your hobbies and passions.


Skip meals or eat at odd hours. Vata needs grounding and benefits from a sense of routine.

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