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An emotional release is a state where the patient experiences a strong emotional reaction during the session and in some cases even consciously re-visits a past trauma. A physical reaction follows, e.g. tears. After such a release oftentimes immediate positive life changes take place.

Holistic Reflexology works on all levels of the human being, including physical, mental and emotional. We cannot separate a person from their life circumstances and past experiences. These are all important factors for who we are and they affect our health and well-being.

In Chinese Medicine all organs are related to emotions and as the organs’ reflex points in the feet are stimulated, emotions will be released, which allows patients to heal past trauma in a very gently and safe way.

Cleansing and Detoxification on all Levels:

Throughout the first Holistic Reflexology sessions the main purpose is the cleansing and detoxification of the body. The reflex points of urinary, lymphatic and digestive system are activated. At the same time the client experiences a mental cleansing. To understand this we have to look at the brain wave level activity. Brain wave level activity is measured in hertz (cycles per second). Our brain functions between four hertz, equivalent to deep sleep, and 20 hertz, equivalent to high activity, e.g. when we solve mathematical problems or experience high stress.

The frequencies between 8 and 9.5 hertz are referred to as alpha waves. These occur the moment before we fall asleep. The experienced Holistic Reflexologist maintains the patient at the alpha wave level activity throughout the entire session. The patient feels like he or she is floating between falling asleep and awakening. It is a time of relaxation and enhanced self-healing.

This special state of mind allows the client to truly connect to themselves and experience dream-like states and vivid imagery. Sometimes memories are released from the subconscious mind, which can directly address a client’s current health condition.

In ancient Greece philosophers knew how to use the brain’s alpha wave level activity to their advantage. Pythagoras was known to work long hours on finding a solution to a problem. At the end of the day he took a warm bath, and while sinking into a deep relaxation, the solution would reveal itself in form of a dream.

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