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The Universe is a manifestation of opposites: feminine/masculine, cold/hot, love/fear, etc.  Ayurveda works to pair these opposites and encourage BALANCE.

By applying the opposing qualities to your most imbalanced dosha, we can bring it back into harmony. According to Ayurveda, all disease is simply an over-abundance or provocation of one or more doshas in the body.

Fortunately, each of the doshas is made up of simple qualities like hot or cold, dry or oily, rough or smooth, mobile or static, etc., so to bring any provoked dosha back in to BALANCE, we simply need to apply the opposite qualities.

In Ayurveda, this is done through a rich and satisfying diet tailored toward the individual healing goals, daily routines, deep cleansing, herbal remedies, warm oil treatments, massage, yoga, meditation, and other – often delightful – treatments that WE DO OFFER AT AYURBEAUTY.

Ayurveda is about alleviating the suffering of humanity, living in harmony with the natural environment, honoring ourselves and enjoying life, so it provides brilliant wisdom that can support us to improve the quality of life on Earth for all.

¡We look forward to sharing the journey of wellness with you! 

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