Shringara (Love) according to Ayurveda

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Love in the body, butterflies in the stomach, goose bumps, sweating, trembling, and palpitations of the heart are some of the best-known symptoms of being in love. The very same symptoms can be felt in admiration of an object of art or natural beauty, or experienced through the devotion of the Bhakti Yoga.

The \”chemistry\” between lovers is today regarded as scientific fact. Science has, for example, recognized that endorphins (a group of neurotransmitters), our body\’s own opiate, are released upon eye contact between lovers, and that oxytocin triggers orgasms.

Whether experienced through the sense of touch, as in sex, or through any of the other senses, or thought processes alone, the body chemistry behind Shringara (LOVE) is always of a similar nature.

The science of Ayurveda regards Shringara (LOVE) as a rajasic Rasa (energeric quality) that creates a lot of activity in body chemistry and is usually very healthy. The main element associated with Shringara (LOVE) is water and people who are kapha (mucus) dominated are the most able to love and appreciate beauty. To be able to feel love and admire the beauty of life, our body chemistry must support it.

If for example, we eat too much junk food, our body chemistry will become so dull (tamasic) that we are unable to experience the finer feeling that Shringara (LOVE) really is. The body chemistry of adolescents strongly supports Shringara, making it their predominant Rasa (quality).

Spring is the time of the year when Shringara (LOVE) body chemistry is at its peak. The basic problem of addiction in Shringara is expressed in body chemistry by the reduction in receptors for information molecules. Any \”overdose\” of enjoyment in Shringara will thus physically reduce our ability to enjoy.

That is why enjoyment should be moderate and diversified, not excessive and obsessive. This is part of what \”good taste\” is all about. 

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