Powerful Ancient Ayurvedic Therapies: Nasya Nasal Therapy

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Powerful Ancient Ayurvedic Therapies: Nasya Nasal Therapy

The increasing advances within the new world, the sociological process of urbanization, modernization, technology, industrialization, busy life and the increased environmental changes end up into many ways of pollution.

Due to the previously mentioned, viral infections, allergies, bacteria, or other diseases like rhinitis, sinusitis, and the flu are the common results in this present era all over the world.

As a result, Ayurvedic science has its own unique principles in the comprehension of such diseases starting from its preventive and therapeutic points of view. Thus, Nasya comes up as the prime therapy for maintaining the respiratory health.

Over the Centuries it has been proved that Nasya is one of the most effective therapies in cleansing the nose, throat, ear and other regions of the head from toxins.

Undoubtedly, Ayurveda is meant to purify these organs and removes deteriorated doshas through the nasal openings; this therapy uses medicated nasal oils, medicated juice and fumes, among others.

Therefore, within its benefits Nasya relieves the body from conditions such as common cold, migraine, headache, facial paralysis, migraine, sinusitis, tendons and bones of the cranium, anxiety and strengthens the shoulders, chest, skin, and neck.

With almost no side effects, Nasya Therapy is a significant part of our Ayurbeauty’s Panchakarma treatment performed by experts which is getting from great importance worldwide because of its holistic approach and effectiveness in recovering the kapha – vata – pitta balance of the body which also integrates the principles of healing body mind and soul leading towards a positive living style.

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