Rasayana and its Significance in Health, Immunity and Longevity

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Rasayana and its Significance in Health, Immunity and Longevity

As well known, Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine which aims to provide complete treatment and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a comprehensive holistic approach especially by emphasizing diet, herbal remedies, exercise, meditation, spirituality, breathing, and physical therapy. Consequently, Rasayana therapy is one of the eight specialties of Ayurveda, which promotes the longevity, prevents aging, provides positive health, immunity against a variety of diseases and mental faculties and increases memory, among others.

Rasayana is a combination of the terms rasa, which means “lymph or plasma”, and ayana as “proper movement”. This means that the substances absorbed through food o medicines must circulate adequately in the organism and, especially in the tissues to help the cells in their regeneration. Hence, its significance lays in its efficiency which best suits patients of middle age and its opportune and constant use may prevent the decadence of the aging process and also improves body strength and mental faculties, even resistance against diseases as previously mentioned. Thus, Ayurveda advises body purification (Panchakarma therapies and procedures) before administration of Rasayana in order to achieve better benefits.

No matter how your lifestyle looks like, everyone is affected by the new run-down. Somehow throughout our development as individuals, we forgot to make it socially acceptable to take time out to repair. Therefore, in Ayurbeauty Wellness Center, the ideology behind Rasayana treatments still work, our physiology hasn’t changed. The Rasayana herbs, tonics and practices are still here and still work the same way for your body. The basis, principles and science behind body-rejuvenation are still the same. Ayurbeauty has it all!!

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