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The Gandharva (gaan-darva) is a blissful massage treatment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. The Gandharva integrates the principles of sound healing, the movement of subtle energy, full-body massage, a crystal singing bowl, and marma therapy.

The Gandharva (a Sanskrit term that means “sound” or “music”) is based on the ancient Indian tradition of sound healing. It is said that thousands of years ago, the sages were able to enter a state of deep meditation and hear the subtle vibrations of the natural world. They expressed these rhythms in the musical form now known as the Gandharva Veda. According to Vedanta, the vibrations of these beautiful melodies harmonize the body and the surrounding environment, promoting peace and well-being.

During a Gandharva massage treatment, the therapist uses the healing vibrations of a crystal singing bowl to restore your body’s balance and release energetic blockages. When your cells resonate in harmony with your whole being, you experience vibrant health and joy.

The Gandharva also incorporates Abyanga Full Body Oil Massage, Abhyanga is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic warm oil body massage therapy for healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. This massage is the anointing of the body with customized medicated and warm oil that is massaged into the entire body using specific strokes, flow depending on the person’s bio-type (dosha) constitution and imbalance. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic Sound Therapy

  • Promotes mental, physical and emotional wellness
  • Balances the Chakras
  • Reduces stress and improves relaxation
  • Increases energy and relieves fatigue
  • Increases self-esteem, self-confidence and creativity


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