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Ayurvedic Reflexology is an ancient technique used for relaxation in which some points are pressed and massaged by an Ayurvedic massage therapist.

The technique helps person get relaxed and releases the toxins accumulated in his body. One hundred seven Marma points are used during massage and bio-current flowing through the body is corrected. It is the most pleasurable and relaxing massage technique in the Ayurvedic therapies.


Marmas are the most vulnerable areas and sensitive points in the human body and wrong pressure or mistakes in manipulation can lead to harmful effects on a person’s health, so expert Marma therapists should only use and practice this therapy. Marma therapy has an important role in massage techniques and Ayurvedic reflexology.


Ayurvedic reflexology includes ayurvedic massage, Podikizhi and other massage techniques that can be used to relax a person.

However, various points, tapping and squeezing methods are used in modern ayurvedic reflexology in various ayurvedic health centers around the world.


Ayurvedic reflexology is recommended in following health conditions:

  1. Depression
  2. Restless leg syndrome
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Headache due to tension or anxiety
  5. Tiredness of feet
  6. Fatigue
  7. Chronic fatigue Syndrome
  8. Muscle cramps


Ayurvedic reflexology helps in many psychosomatic conditions. It prevents diseases that occur due to underlying stress as a cause.

Disease-free life with Ayurvedic Reflexology

With the advancement in time, innumerable diseases are entrapping us. In the recent era, living a healthy life is a disconcerting desire. Now we can ensure a healthy lifestyle with the help of the unique fusion of India’s ancient healing touch ‘Ayurveda’ and Western ‘Reflexology’.

Helpful in stress

Stress has become the disguised root of almost every disease in today’s world. This fact has been acknowledged by almost every organisation.

Ayurvedic Reflexology can prove to be a boon where combating stress has become a daunting task.


The primary emphasis is on establishing a subtle balance among the various energy systems of the body. This is done by channelising the flow of vital energy throughout the energy systems efficiently.

For healthy functioning of mind as well as body, it is indispensable for the vital energy to flow without any disruption.

The vital energy (prana) flows through micro energy channels that are located within the body. Alongside these channels are some vital energy centers that are known as marma points.

These points help in the optimization of vital energy flow within the body. Since marma points are found more in number in hands and feet, the whole body is benefited from the hand and foot sessions of Ayurvedic Reflexology.

The hand and foot work sessions employ the usage of oils to avoid unnecessary frictions in the energy optimisation process. Among the wide range of oils used, warmed sesame oil is the most commonly used lubricant in Ayurvedic Reflexology sessions.

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