Benefits of a Shirodhara Therapy

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Ayurvedic bodywork is an ancient and powerful tool for bringing body, mind, and soul into harmonious balance. While traditional Swedish massage works primarily on the physical level, Ayurvedic bodywork address multiple layers of your being. From exfoliating dead skin cells, moving lymphatic fluids, and erasing muscular tension to balancing doshic elements, dissolving ama (toxic residue in the body and mind), and mitigating the stress response, Ayurvedic treatments have a long history of facilitating physical health, emotional well-being, and soul connection.

What Is Shirodhara Scalp Massage?

Shirodhara is a traditional ayurvedic method of healing, that has been in use since ancient times to bring the mind, body and soul to a harmonious level. Touted as one of the most purifying and rejuvenating treatments, this therapy is designed in such a way that it not only eliminates the harmful AMA toxins from the body but also relieves stress, gets rid of mental exhaustion and treat a host of disorders.

The word ‘Shirodhara’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words, where ‘Shiro’ means head and ‘Dhara’ means liquid. In Shirodhara treatment, you are asked to lie down while a liquid of choice, which may be a mixture of oil and herbs, water or buttermilk is poured onto the forehead. This liquid gently drips over your forehead, between your eyebrows. Your eyes are covered with a light cloth for protection. A body, scalp or head massage follows either before or after the treatment.

How Does Shirodhara Work?

The infusion of oils or other liquids when poured onto the head and scalp produces a soothing and calming sensation on the muscles of the head, which in turn passes via the superficial peripheral nerves of the forehead to the brain. By soothing the hypothalamus, it regulates the activity of the pituitary gland and treats conditions like insomnia by inducing sleep. Shirodhara also stimulates the various vital points all around the head and improves blood circulation. The warm herbal oils used for this process causes vasodilatation of all the blood vessels and thus improves the blood circulation in the brain.

The massage brings down the elevated serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. Shirodhara also reduces the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline and thus relaxes the mind and thereby helps in relieving stress and tension. It also helps in alleviating different types of psychosomatic ailments like stress, tension, depression, anxiety.

Benefits Of A Shirodhara Treatment

Relieves Stress

Shirodhara  is an ideal treatment for reducing high levels of mental stress. It induces calmness, promotes tranquility, and facilitates relaxation.  As your body enters deep relaxation, stress hormones decline while hyper-alert brain patterns (beta waves) transition into relaxed-alert ones (alpha waves).
Stress is the body’s reaction in the form of physical or emotional change that comes from any event or thought that makes one feel angry, frustrated, or nervous. Shirodhara treatment holds high significance in alleviating stress from the mind and body. The steady pour of warm oil along with slight massage begets calmness, facilitates relaxation. As the body enters into a deep relaxation state, it turns on the parasympathetic nervous system mode, i.e. the stress hormones are subdued since the hyper-alert brain waves (bets waves) transition into relaxed-alert ones (alpha waves). Due to this transition, the body conserves energy, relaxes muscles, dilates blood vessels and slows down the heart rate. The treatment is pivotal in the case of arrhythmia and hypertension.

Reduces Anxiety

As brainwaves have been shown to synchronize with external stimuli, the gentle, repetitive stimulation to the center of the forehead is the likely mechanism by which the shirodhara treatment reduces anxiety. As the warm oil streams onto the center of the forehead, it activates a powerful Ayurvedic energy point known as ajna marma.
The therapy acts as a natural stress-booster.  Accompanied by the herbal oils, this head massage clears brain toxins and improves cognitive abilities like memory, concentration, etc. It also normalises the vata and pitta doshas in the body which in turn regulates the serotonin hormone and helps to reduce various symptoms of anxiety which include restlessness, uneasiness, cold hands, and feet, etc.

Rouses Intuition

The point between the eyebrows is known in many spiritual traditions as the “third eye.” Buddhists consider the third eye to be the seat of spiritual awakening. Hindus call it the sixth chakra, home of intuition.
Shirodhara is one such practice, where the healer helps open one’s third eye which leads to the free flow of ‘prana’ or ‘life force’. When the prana drifts through the energy channels, also known as ‘srotas’, they help remove the blockages in the mind and help recall events buried deep in their past and see them from a vantage point which was previously inaccessible. Through the downpour of the warm oils, patients receive immense mental clarity which helps them move past unresolved pains, traumas, and emotional experiences.

Improves Sleep Quality

The exhaustion and lethargy following a single night of unsuccessful sleep can feel debilitating. Yet, when sleep quality is constantly compromised, not only do you feel languid, but physical and emotional health are undermined. For decades, a mainstream solution has been sleep medications, each with their own host of unflattering side effects. However, some patients battling insomnia look to the ancient practices of Ayurvedic medicine.
Shirodhara treatment helps reduce the levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone and thereby attenuates stress and improves the quality, duration and provides a peaceful sleep.

Pacifies Vata Dosha

Vata Dosha is a combination of the air and space elements. An excessive accumulation of this dosha within the body can lead to chaotic thoughts, physical restlessness, forgetfulness and scattered attention. According to Ayurveda, Shirodhara is by far the ultimate remedy of pacifying the abnormal Vata doshas. The herbal oils used in this treatment balances the cool, light, and fluctuating nature of the Vata dosha and hence provides relief from the various underlying symptoms of the Vata imbalance.

Deep Relaxation

The gentle pressure and soothing warmth of the oil allow the body, mind and nervous system to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation. Shirodhara is also a great treatment for the healthy individual looking to maintain health and enhance well-being, clarity, calm, and immunity. Shirodhara boosts deep relaxation, alleviates fatigue and renews and invigorates the body and mind. It also balances one’s energy level. If you are well rested,the process will enhance your clarity and perception.

Restore hair vitality

The medicated oils absorbed through the scalp stimulate the hair follicles, and hence Shirodhara is a vital therapy to treat hair problems such as Premature graying of hair or Hair fall

Repair nerve degeneration

Shirodhara has a massive impact on the nervous system. That means, this procedure instantly and directly calms, relaxes and have a purifying effect on the mind and nerves.

With countless benefits for the mind, body, and spirit, it is little wonder that Shirodhara is one of our most in-demand therapies! If you’d like to experience the Ayurbeauty\’s  Shirodhara Therapy  experience, do not hesitate to contact us, book your treatment now and let us help revive and rejuvenate you!

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