How to Use Music to Balance Your Dosha

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The base of Ayurveda is that you can use your five senses as tools to feel healing and return to your most natural level of balance in mind and body. Your daily routine in relation to the five senses – sound, sight, smell, taste and touch – can influence the way you feel and have a remarkable impact on your well-being. Sight, smell and sound balance the mind and are the doors to clarity. Taste, along with touch, serve to balance the body.

The type of music you choose as a part of your background can go a long way toward keeping you from feeling as balanced as possible.


The Vata dosha reflects the combination of the earth elements of space and air and is responsible for movement both in the natural world and within you individually. A balanced Vata mind is creative and imaginative, never short on a vision for the future, and lots of ideas for any project. An excess of Vata in the mind turns this creative genius into restlessness or anxiety. 

By just playing the right kind of music, you can quickly and easily bring stability and calm to the hyperactive Vata mind. In general, when Vata is hyperactive, it is best to fill the room with a peaceful and peaceful mood by using meditative music that has a soft, melodic tone. Music that has string instruments with a deep tone, such as bass, cello, or balanced wind instruments such as a flute, will have a grounding effect and counteract excessive mental space and air. Crystal bowls, a harmonium or sound healing sessions will also help to slow Vata and bring calm to the total nervous system.

The nature of Vata itself is quick and fast. If you don\’t feel like slow instrumental music, choose something with a slower, deeper rhythm such as jazz, soul, blues or anything with a slow, earthy tone. Avoid music like hard rock, electric guitar and techno when you feel anxious, especially when you wake up in the morning or just before you go to sleep.


Personifying fire and water, the Pitta dosha, like the earth element of fire it represents, is responsible for transforming the mind and body. In the physical body, Pitta controls digestion and functions in much the same way in the mind. Pitta conditions or digests mental experiences. When balanced, Pitta actually exemplifies Leadership, Vision and Productivity. An excess of Pitta quickly converts this ability to draw on willpower into anger, irritability, judging and being critical.

Calming Pitta in the mind with music is an important way to create balance on a daily basis. The sounds of nature, especially music that includes running water or the ocean, will help to bring Pitta instantly to the mind. Mid-tone music with instruments such as saxophone or any type of slow, rhythmic percussion or drumming will have a calming and soft result for Pitta.

When playing music with words, be aware of the images and stories that are being called upon. Is the music you are playing calming you down or is it just amplifying those feelings of irritation and discomfort? R&B music, slow-paced country music, love songs or any music that simply makes you feel good are perfect for soothing excess Pitta, which is suffering from excessive criticism and judging.


Kapha dosha is a reflection of the stability and security found in the interaction of earth and water in the natural world. Kapha slows everything down so you can feel peace, calm, security and grounding. Kapha creates framework not only in the physical bodies, but also in the mind. The Kapha mind enjoys routine, loves stable things, and loves life more when it is peaceful and trouble-free. Kapha does not like change.

To balance out excess Kapha in the mind, it is best to pick up the energy with music that has an energizing and stimulating effect on the nervous system. Higher tone music with drums, bells, electric guitar, keyboard and piano is the perfect type of sound to balance and restore the sometimes dull and slow flow of Kapha energy.

Kapha qualities are heavy, wet and cold. So music that creates activity and warmth in the body is perfect for Kapha, especially first thing in the morning or around 2 p.m., when it is common to feel slow, tired and dull. Since a Kapha unbalance tends to manifest as depression, feelings of sadness or general lethargy, choose music that is upbeat and high-energy, and has a general feeling of being uplifting. Turn off the love songs and put on dance music, Latin music, rock, rap or your favorite music that keeps your energy and spirits high.

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