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Yoga and ayurveda are inseparable friends. Both are based on the principles of the triguna (sattva, rajas and tamas) and the panchamahabuthas (earth, air, fire, water, space).

Yoga and Ayurveda also encompass the understanding of how the body functions and how food and medicines affect or benefit the body.

Both sciences have eight branches: Ashtanga yoga and Ashtanga ayurveda. And have in common that right condition of the body and balance of the mind are essential for good health.

Yoga and ayurveda  regular practice are pranayama and meditation, as well as for using herbs, body purification procedures, food and mantra chanting for physical and mental health. In yoga practice, body purification procedures are explained as \”Satkriyas\”, while in Ayurveda they are known as \”Panchakarma\”.

Yoga and ayurveda recognize that keeping the body healthy is vital for fulfilling the four aims of life: dharma (duty), artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation).

It is important to reintegrate Yoga and Ayurveda to bring out the full healing and spiritual potential of each.

Bringing Ayurveda into Yoga provides a yogic and Vedic system of medicine to allow for the full healing application of all aspects of Yoga. It provides a diagnosis and treatment in harmony with Yoga philosophy, as well as a diet and herbal treatment that follows the spiritual approach of Yoga.

Bringing Yoga into Ayurveda adds a spiritual and psychological dimension to Ayurvedic treatment, without which Ayurveda tends to get reduced to a physical model in which its full Vedic healing powers cannot be easily realized.

Ayurveda provides the appropriate lifestyle recommendations for Yoga practice, as well as the background to unfold the full healing potential of all aspects of Yoga. Yoga provides the spiritual and psychological basis for Ayurveda and its higher applications.

For a truly holistic and spiritual approach to medicine and healing, we need both Yoga and Ayurveda, but with Ayurveda providing the medical foundation and Yoga the spiritual goal and practices. This is the original Vedic scheme.

The key to a comprehensive Yoga therapy and Yoga system of medicine lies in restoring Yoga’s connection with Ayurveda. This reconnection of Yoga and Ayurveda will also provide the basis for a real dialogue with modern medicine addressing not only specific therapies but also the real causes of disease and how to maintain health and well-being in society.

Ayurveda is the science where we learn about our body and understand what happens to it, what it needs and what it doesn\’t need and yoga is the practice of this science.

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