Janu Vasti Therapy & its benefits

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Ayurveda has effective remedies with comprehensive treatment procedures for innumerable health ailments and diseases. There are several types of massages, therapeutic therapies, and invigorating procedures to target energy points in the body and induce relaxation, zest, and flexibility of the mind, body, and senses.

One therapy, Janu Vasti,  is specifically designed and developed to address knee disorders. It’s a holistic treatment for the knees that improve their functions to perform daily activities with optimal energy. Several factors cause different types of knee problems that include severe pain with a burning sensation, swelling, stiffness accompanied by redness, inflammation, and limiting movements. Degeneration and injury of the knees can be due to trauma, excessive wear & tear, hereditary factors, and the aging process.

The specialized therapy is carried out to work on your knee tissues and provide pain-relieving techniques following a specific process. The long-term benefits of this therapy include:

❖ Relieving the pain and preventing pain from arising

❖ Decreases the stiffness of the joints

❖ Enhances movements and boosts flexibility

❖ Strengthens the knee joints

❖ Induces regular blood supply to the knee joints to make them healthier

The powerful ayurvedic procedure keeps a close vigil on the degeneration of the knees and reduces the risk of wear & tear in the long run. Medicated oils are poured on to the knees for performing a thorough massage that also incorporates the usage of wet flour and black gram.

While the therapy can treat severe knee ailments, receiving the therapy at earlier stages provides a greater chance of improvement and develops the strength and vitality for long life and optimal performance of the knee joints.

For appointments or more information please contact us through our WhatsApp line 407.617.9016  and we will be happy to assist you better 

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