Golden Milk Latte As Good Morning Substitute During Detox

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This golden milk latte is the perfect creamy, comforting coffee replacement that comes with many benefits to the body. Many of us savor our morning cup of joe, and during the cleanse, this may be one of the hardest foods to remove. Fortunately, with this golden milk latte you won’t miss it quite as much, while getting amazing benefits.


We remove coffee while cleansing for a few reasons: it can be dehydrating, highly acidic, cause anxiety, and stimulate our stress hormones. Even though we eliminate coffee, there’s no reason to ditch a morning ritual that you look forward to. Coffee’s impact on cortisol is another reason why we like to remove it during our 21-day cleanse.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that naturally rises and falls throughout our day, and helps our body respond to natural pressures. Cortisol is necessary for the body, and our adrenal glands, to function properly . Unfortunately, when we overload our body with stress, excessive exercise, or stimulants like caffeine, we can cause a chronic rise in cortisol that can eventually lead to adrenal fatigue. Further, our cortisol is usually naturally high upon waking, so adding in a stimulant first thing can be poor timing for our hormones.


By starting your day with the good-for-you ingredients found in this turmeric latte, you’ll help your body stay in its natural hormonal rhythm which can have a positive impact on mental health, sleep, and energy levels. We love adding turmeric to our foods, and you get a big dose in this latte.  Fermented turmeric is incredible for decreasing inflammation, lowering your risk for some chronic illnesses,  and improving brain function.⁣
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