Benefits of Pranic Healing – The Wave of a Hand!

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Pranic Healing, as a science, engages the energetic anatomy that exists around all beings and provides the life energy to remain alive and active.

All beings have an energy field around them.  It is known by various names, such as, the energy body, bioplasmic body, etheric body or simply the aura. In a healthy person this aura looks like a luminous field of light penetrating the physical body and extending beyond it an average of about 4 inches. The larger the aura the healthier and more energetic the person!

Anything in life that disturbs us, such as stress at work, fear, sadness, loneliness and arguments, makes this luminous energy field dimmer, imbalanced and full of holes and greyish energies. Over time this appears as pain, discomfort and physical and psychological problems. Since the physical and energy bodies are interrelated what affects one, affects the other.

To remain healthy we need to take care of our energy body!

Just as we take a daily shower to keep the physical body healthy and clean, our energy body needs cleansing to maintain good physical and psychological health.

With Pranic Healing we are able to detect the problems and imbalances in the aura and carefully remove them using a fairly simple technique that typically involves no touching and no drugs.   Anyone can learn to do it.

Once the aura is balanced, cleansed and bright, our physical and psychological health is guaranteed.

Pranic Healing is an energy-based treatment.  There are numerous researches and testimonials from all around the world that support its usefulness as a healing technique. 

In General Pranic Healing Helps:

Promote Inner Peace

Once the aura is cleansed from negative thought forms, energies and emotions, we can reach a higher degree of inner peace and stillness. Peace and stillness is a stepping-stone to experiencing higher levels of consciousness.

Be Healthier and Happier

In order to feel happier, the heart chakra should be sufficiently activated. Therefore to achieve happiness and joy we need to take care of the heart chakra as well as its opposite chakra, the solar plexus chakra.  This is the center for lower emotions. If all the chakras and energy channels are clean and bright the physical and emotional health of the body is improved.

Be More Intelligent

Activation and strengthening of the upper chakras, which includes Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras, bring about higher degrees of intelligence.  Third Eye Chakra is the center of abstract thinking while the Throat chakra is the center for concrete mind. Crown and back head minor chakra energize the brain. To gain even more intelligence, the lower chakras, including Root chakra should also be healthy and strong.

Be Our Own Healer

Pranic Healing techniques teach us how to take care of ourselves, giving us the ability to prevent ailments and improve our health problems using simple step-by-step procedures. It can be a great complement to medical treatments.

Help Others Get Well

Using the knowledge of Pranic Healing we can help others.  Whether seeing people who are ill, sick, or simply wanting to maintain health, Pranic healing empowers the healer to help others without personally experiencing negative emotions such as pity or desperation to help because we know using this technique we may help improve their condition. This gives us greater opportunities for service.

Familiarize with the World of Energies

Everything in the world is composed of energy and is affected by its rules and principles.  If we understand how energy works, we can understand how things happen and therefore can manage our life better.

Realize How Our System Works

Pranic Healing teaches us energetic anatomy, chakras, energy channels, the aura and how they affect physical and psychological health.

Gain Control Over Our Life

If we know how the chakras work and effect our daily life in terms of health, relationships, finances and spirituality, we can gain control over these areas of our lives. Chakras are like buttons.  Whatever effect we want to produce in our life, we simply need to press the right button, or activate the right chakra.

Achieve a Higher Degree of Sensitivity

By cleansing the aura and activating the heart and crown chakras we can achieve a higher degree of sensitivity and awareness. Awareness is necessary to hear the whispers of the higher soul. It also gives us greater ability to understand others, even when they don’t express their real selves.

Improve Our Intuition

By activating the Crown chakra, we can achieve intuition. Intuition is sometimes called “direct knowing.” It is when you know something without studying, data collection or analysis. Intuitive people are people who can \”see\”! They are able to understand subjects and situations from a deeper level. It is like having inner guidance.

There are many avenues and facets to Pranic Healing.  Techniques and approaches vary from practitioner to practitioner.  For best results, approach Pranic Healing sessions with an open mind and a knowing that all the answers and all the possibilities already exist within you.  You need only open the doors and walk through.


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