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International Women’s Day – 3 Things That A Woman Deserves

This is in respect to all the women of this world on “International day of women – 8th March” By hearing the woman, the whole universe can be imagined. From time immemorial, woman is always known for their divine qualities – Selflessness, Forgiveness and Love.

I urge all men to give the three things that a woman deserves  –


Respect and


Physiologically, women are more evolved than men. But it is true that physically they are a little weaker than men. But I bet mentally they are not. Imagine a big truck. It is very powerful, but it needs a tiny key to start it.
It is also true that women sometime need men’s support. But just because Stephen Hawking needs a chair’s support all through the day, the chair does not share the greatness of Stephen Hawking.

Many guys say that women are so unsteady and unpredictable. If men had such hormonal variations, such a level of stress to handle, and such a level of varied physiological differences to handle, men would either have gone nuts, or would have been extinct centuries ago.

On this International Women’s Day, All the women of this world, please take a bow. 🙂 I strongly oppose idiotic female foeticide that is rampant in India.  This is for such thinkers – “If you have a son, he may help you when you are dead (by performing the last rituals). But if you have a daughter, she will help you when you are alive.” I also strongly oppose any overpowering of women in whatsoever sense, by men and society.

Like I said, women only deserve love, respect and admiration. At the same time, I urge the women to keep your real nature of selflessness, love and forgiveness alive, to make this Earth, the best place to live. As you might well be knowing, the world is craving for these three Divine virtues. Cheers!

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