Can\’t Get Enough Sleep? Tips and Ayurvedic Secrets To Get a Perfect Goodnight Sleep

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Never-ending professional commitments, personal issues, sedantry lifestyle and poor lifestyle and diet choices have in some way or the other taken a direct toll on your sleeping pattern. Ideally, one should be sleeping eight hours in a day for a perfect state of health, but in today\’s world, taking out eight hours in a day, is one luxury not everyone can afford.

Not sleeping enough or irregular sleeping patterns carries with it both short- and long-term consequences. It can cause irritability, hamper your focus and brain power, amount to weight gain and in worse cases also trigger depression.

Here are some natural ways which may help you sleep better.

1. Do Not Over-Eat

Over stuffing or eating too close to your bed time can increase the risk of heartburn and indigestion, making it harder to fall asleep. Experts warn against bed time munchies as well

2. Stick to a sleep schedule

According to National Sleep Foundation, sticking to the same sleep schedule even during the weekends is extremely crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your body\’s clock. Your body has its own biological clock, according to which it carries out various functions. A well-regulated body clock could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night.

3. Exercise daily

Not exercising enough and leading a sedantry lifestyle can affect your sleep cycle in many ways than one. According to National Sleep Foundation. Some form of physical activity, vigorous or light can help you sleep better at the night.

4. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy meals in the evening

For the perfect good night\’s sleep make sure you don\’t go overdose with your cans of beer. Alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine can disrupt sleep. Eating large of spicy meals too close to the bed time can also take its toll.

5. Catching up with other activities while in bed

Indulging in other activities prevents your brain from recognizing your bed as a place to sleep. If you must catch up with activities like reading, staring in your mobile screens or cuddling with your pet, go into some other room, and come back, thereby signaling your brain that the bed is where you need to sleep.

Here\’s how Ayurveda could help:

Those who suffer from sleep problems or mild insomnia can turn to Ayurveda to treat the problem and get proper sleep. Ayurveda suggests some ways in which your diet can help you battle insomnia and sleep better:

1. Try warm milk just before turning in. Add a pinch of nutmeg, some cardamom and crushed almonds.

2. Try garlic milk. Mix together 1 cup of milk, 1/4 cup water, and 1 clove of fresh, chopped garlic. Boil until 1 cup liquid remains. Consume.

3. Regular consumption of cherries has also been linked to inducing good sleep.

4. You can also try consuming a cup of fresh tomato juice with 2 teaspoons of sugar and a pinch of nutmeg. Consume this around 4-5pm in the noon and have an early dinner.

You can also try herbs like brahmi, ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi and jatamasi to sleep better.


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