Pranic Heal Guide – Helps Your Body Recuperate and Rejuvenate with Meditation

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We are in a constant state of movement, leading hurried lives in frenzied paces, and we are just too busy to take a breather and catch up with ourselves. The usual tenets of taking care of ourselves which include eating right, exercising and just spending ample time to relax, rejuvenate and take care of our physical, mental and emotional well-being, seem far-fetched! We seldom have time to cater to our innate spiritual needs and do some soul-searching in the real sense of the word.

But mental peace and innate healing is not really impossible and not elusive either. You can seek peace and tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of life with a healing technique that can provide solutions to all the inner turmoil and mental discord, Pranic Healing. So, what is Pranic Healing? And how does it help us?

What will you Find in the Article?

  1. What is Pranic Healing?
  2. Pranic Energy Healing -4 Different Levels
  3. Pranic Healing Steps for you to learn and Implement
  4. Pranic Healing Meditation- Myriad Self-Healing Techniques:
  5. Pranic Energy Healing- Is it safe?
  6. Benefits of Pranic Energy Healing

1. What is Pranic Healing?

Have you noticed that successful people have an aura about them which separates them from the rest of the people? The aura not only sets them apart, but we feel a different sort of energy emanating from these special people. If we delve deep we will find out and analyse scientifically the energy workings in this day and age.

This is where Pranic Healing steps in,it is a powerful and effective method of energy healing, which does not involve any touch therapy. Pranic healing is based on the fundamental principle that the body has characteristics of ‘self-repairing’. By self-healing, we mean that the body is empowered with the innate ability to heal itself.

Pranic healing is based on two laws. One is the law of self-recovery and the second law is of prana or life energy. Armed with these two basic laws you can start the process of miraculous healing.

Pranic Healing is a technique used by the practitioners to channelize the life force or prana around you and control and direct it to use for our betterment and for our emotional and spiritual healing, Pranic Healing was the brain child of Chinese-Filipino spiritual teacher, Grand master Choa Kok Sui, who devoted years exploring such esoteric practices such as chi kung, yoga, Kabbalah (which is an ancient form of Jewish mysticism and spiritual practice), and many others, which helps create a simple yet practical and powerful energy healing system that is easy-to-implement and use.

2. Pranic Energy Healing -4 Different Levels

There are 4 specific levels of the pranic energy healing system. These include the following,

  • The Basic Pranic Healing:

This first level of the pranic healing system the most basic level in which the newbie practitioners mainly imbibe the chi energy or air prana and transfer it into the patients’ bodies, effectively. This level is also about sensitising the hands and scan the patients’ energized bodies, apart from cleaning, and releasing the projected energy. This disconnects the binding energy cord between the healers and the patients and quickens the pace of healing by transforming the patient, making them more sympathetic.

  • The Second Level or the Advanced Pranic Healing:

This level coerces the learners to initiate a purification process cleansing the patients’ bodies and utilize the more influential ‘color pranas’.

  • The Third Level or Pranic Psychotherapy:

In this level, the learners pick up skills to cure underlying psychological diseases with the healing benefits of ‘color pranas’. This is known as Pranic Psychotherapy.

  • The Fourth Level or Pranic Crystal Healing:

The fourth level helps reach the higher level of healing aided by crystals. The Pranic healing crystals use crystals to project ‘prana’ into the patients in a more pronounced manner.

While going through these levels a person can can go through the myriad processes of Pranic healing such as self-healing, distant healing, divine healing, and so on.

3. Pranic Healing Steps for you to learn and Implement

Pranic healing embodies the very word ‘self-healing’. The basic tenet of pranic healing is that it incites the innate healing power of the body to heal itself.  The belief in this truth is that our body already possesses the quality of innately healing itself. The body’s internal healing system fuses with the energy flow from the sun, earth, and nature. The therapy brings together the body’s energy field or aura and rejuvenates the body with a ‘prana’ force.

It is said the energy flows in the body, freely. But when the energy flow is blocked around the body,the body becomes a receptacle of many chronic diseases and psychological disorders, besides spiritual imbalances.

Pranic healing practitioners believe that there can be unending miracles through Pranic healing. They believe that we are surrounded by energy, and practitioners can tap the reserves of this unlimited energy to initiate healing. When the energy flow is impaired, it not only affects the body but also affects the emotional aspect of you.

There are namely 6 steps to help in the healing system.

  • The first step helps clear the negative emotions and also helps in limiting strong beliefs. Negative emotions include fears, traumatic memories, anxieties and phobias which reduce your energy and block the smooth flow of Prana through your aura, this is the energy that seeps into your body from the surrounding. The flow of this energy leads to ailments, so, it is true if you harbour negative thoughts and emotions, it will create a negative impact in you. So, whenever you try to heal your body, the first thing to do is address your emotions. This will help maintain a state of high energy and also help generate great health.
  • The second step includes Pranic or mindful breathing. This is actually a highly-energizing breathing technique that brings together different principles of rhythm. It includes a specific breathing count, and involves mindful practice of holding the breath in your lungs, attempting to do it several times a day. This helps practitioners to draw in large quantities of prana, which not only boosts their vitality, but also helps get rid of health problems.
  • The third step includes energy manipulation. The third step actually amalgamates three methods; that is, cleaning your body energymanually and maintaining the gentle and smooth flow of prana through it. You can utilise the techniques by scanning, or make use of your hands to feel for the energetic imbalances in your aura, and the final technique includes sweeping away the prana which clogs your body.

Getting rid of the dirty or congested prana with the help of some specific hand movements can bring about de-cluttering or cleaning. The practitioners help draw the prana from around the surroundings and instil the prana into areas of the body where there is energetic depletion.

These techniques may seem alien to a layman, but a little bit of training with daily practice, read 20 minutes daily, can help someone channelize the energy and then learn to project itin a matter of weeks.

  • Let’s not forget the fourth step which includes an energetic hygiene, which helps keep theenergy body as clean and keyed up. This can be achieved by emotional regulation, bringing about lifestyle changes in the form of dietary changes and special physical exercises. Salt can be used as an energetic cleansing agent and for other reasons too. It is true that there are many people who have felt a marked improvement in their health, once they started the habit of energetic hygiene regularly.
  • The fifth step includes meditation. Grandmaster Choa has taught a series of meditation techniques which Pranic healers use for calming the mind and also to increase the supply of prana. The Pranic energy healing students are basically taught two meditations: one that includes mindfulness meditation to channelize the thoughts thatallow the flow of cleansing energy, and Meditation on Twin Hearts. This powerful meditation technique is greatly impactful on peace and loving kindness, which draws generous quantities of healing prana.
  • The sixth and final step includes two very powerful energy-generation exercises, which have been modified by Grand master Choa. These steps are simple to perform and that’s not all, they also ensure that the pranic healers produce high quantities of prana. The exercises which help initiate the healing are the modified Tibetan Yogic Exercises besides the modified Mental physics Exercises.

They may seem complicated, but in reality, they take just a couple of minutes to be completed. These six steps take less than two weeks to master. Include the benefits of some of these For example, pranic healing meditation and implementation of energetic hygiene, which is taking salt baths and changing the diet for the better, to immediately start the healing journey.

These steps taken together comprise a very powerful healing technique which has proven to be beneficial for thousands of people across the globe. The have experienced not only energetic healing, but also the health benefits focussing on the properties of Pranic Healing.

Just imagine, investing only 20-30 minutes per day can eventually bring a calm energy, which is the healing ground of most ailments. Pranic healing, which is the ancient art of healing, uses the life-force or ‘prana’ to sort out and work upon the energy imbalances in the body’s energy field. The system not only treats the body and energy as a single entity,but also sets the tone for healing the body by restoring the life-force and bringing about a smooth energy flow all around the body.

The basic premise behind pranic healing is that the body already possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic healing triggers the body’s internal healing system, which works in tandem with energy flows from the sun, earth, and nature. The therapy involves balancing the body’s energy field or aura and infusing with fresh, rejuvenating ‘prana’ force.

Blocked energy flows around the body often lead to mental and physical health conditions including chronic diseases, psychological disorders (including depression, stress, anxiety, and melancholia) as well as spiritual imbalances.

Experienced pranic healing therapists believe that life-energy abounds in the surroundings and practitioners are able to channel this unlimited energy for healing purposes. Impaired energy flow around the body affects other aspects, including the ability to manage emotions and relationships.

4. Pranic Healing Meditation- Myriad Self-Healing Techniques

Know more of the Pranic Healing Meditation techniques that have risen in popularity over the ages.Once you have mastered the basic procedure you can try the following Pranic Healing Meditation Techniques.

  • Arhatic Yoga- This kind of the yoga helps empower the soul.
  • Super Brain Yoga – Practicing the super brain yoga can improve mindfulness and bring about the awareness and focus.
  • Sexual Alchemy – Understanding and awakening the spiritual sexuality and mastering its techniques.
  • Meditation for Soul Realization- This helps to knowthe self and cater to the higher soul or inner divinity.
  • Meditation on Three Hearts –Strive and reach out towards inner peace and spiritual awakening.
  • Universal and Kabbalistic Meditation on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’- Understand the phrases of The Lord’s Prayer and link it to the vital energy centers of our body.
  • Chant the ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ Meditation
  • Try the Kabbalistic Meditation on the ‘I AM’

5. Pranic Energy Healing- Is it safe?

Pranic healing is deemed as completely safe for the patient if you stick to the comprehensive guidelines. The healer does not use his/her own energy to help heal patients. If you are aware of the basic pranic healing techniques it will enable you to use it in any place you want to, such relationships, work areas and effective money management. It is not restricted to only healing patients. It empowers your mind, body, and soul in a completely different way.

6. Benefits of Pranic Energy Healing

We already know the impact of pranic healing on our body and our mental and spiritual health, so what are the other benefits of this unique healing technique? Find out more:

  • This technique can be administered to children when they suffer from high fever. Parents can bring down the temperature of their children within a few hours.
  • Besides fever, the technique can work its magic on coughs and colds also!
  • Besides the common ailments, Pranic Healing can also help with major illnesses which includes eye, liver, kidney, and also heart problems. Just within few hours, the conditions can be effectively treated.
  • Besides treating various health conditions, it can boost your stamina and improve your health.
  • Bring about inner peace and happiness.
  • Improve your memory and concentration.
  • Enhance spiritual growth
  • Reduce stress levels.
  • It can also generate good luck and prosperity.
  • Improve interpersonal skills.
  • Improves your self-esteem.

That is not all, pranic psychotherapy helps deal with both emotional and mental problems and tackle some serious problems such as depression, stress, worry, drug addiction, smoking, alcoholism, traumas, and phobias. Modern medical studies have come up with startling facts that most health disorders can be traced to emotional and psychological problems. Pranic Healing Meditation can thus be an effective and powerful tool to not only sort out health problems but also mental anguish. Have you experienced the healing touches of Pranic Healing? If you have, then let us know about some of the benefits of this ancient healing practice, you\’ve experienced.


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