Ayurvedic tips to boost the immunity in kids

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With the onset of monsoon and COVID-19, lurking around, a strong immunity seems to be the only savior. While adults who understand the grim situation try to manage their food and diet, kids are more prone to a diet deficient in nutrition as most of them are fussy eaters and they go more by the look and taste of a dish rather than its nutritional benefits.

Why are kids more likely to have a weaker immunity now:

It is a difficult time for kids too. Being confined mostly to homes, they are no longer exercising by playing or running around and are unable to spend the required time under the sun and in open air. Besides, with little means to entertain themselves they are using gadgets and phones much more than in the past. Besides these, there has also been a natural increase in consumption of fried and packaged food, thus leading to weight gain in a large percentage of kids confined to homes. All these things are secretly contributing to a decreased immunity.

The diet given to kids should be light and easily digestible. Fresh fruits should be given instead of fruit juices and that too by 3pm. This prevents the formation of kapha in the body. To prevent acidity and bloating salads should first be lightly steamed. Food should be cooked in cow ghee and tulsi leaves should be added in their water.”

If the kids cannot go out, they should practice half an hour of yoga daily. It is important to curtail screen time at least two hours before going to bed for a better quality sleep. They can do basic Pawanmukatasan series to open up the joints and then follow it up with 10 rounds of Suryanamaskar. With a little practice, it will become a cake walk for them. This would greatly contribute in giving them a healthy appetite, reducing toxins from the body, calming their senses, providing flexibility to the muscles and also increasing immunity. If they have never done yoga before, start slowly and do not push them too much.

Massage with oil three times a week preferably, sesame oil or cow ghee, massage feet with ghee every night, put a little cow ghee in the nostrils daily, steam inhalation once a day with plain water and basic eye exercise are also important.

A herbal decoction to increase the immunity. “Boil water with tulsi leaves, a small ginger piece, fresh giloy and give them when it is lukewarm, at least once a day. Swarn Prashan is another unique Ayurvedic technique to improve immunity in children. It is made of Swarn Bhasam in very minute quantities along with ghee, honey, brahmi, vacha , yastimadhu etc and is given on Pushya nakshtra (The star of Nourishment) that comes every month. Its benefits include-improving immunity, strength, memory and intelligence, prolonging life span, toning body etc.”

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