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Marma therapy is an ancient Indian practice whose focus is the manipulation of vital energy  (prana) in the body to aid the healing process.

Marma therapy is based on the use of 107 points in the body to access the body, mind and mind. Marma’s knowledge allows the practitioner to influence the flow of prana both through the coarse and subtle bodies in order to restore the patient’s health and serenity.

The word Marma comes from the Sanskrit word “Marr” or “Mru”, which means “to strike” .But in fact it is thought that the word “Marma” also means “hidden” or “secret”. The system of ‘Siddha Marma’  and the medicines it uses to keep the physical body healthy in order for the soul to flourish was developed by 18 ‘Siddhar’s  more than 500,000 years ago.  “Siddha” means “accomplished”. The Siddhars believed that a healthy soul can only grow and flourish in a strong and healthy body.

Marm points were used during the war to heal wounded warriors and also during surgery. Surgeons have been trained in the location of marmot points so that they can work around them. Damage to certain headscarves can lead to loss of consciousness, convulsions or death. Understanding this, surgeons began to make great efforts to work with specific points to reduce the risk to patients’ lives.

What is Marma Therapy?

It is a gentle stimulation of specific energy points through whole body massage with natural oils.  Essential oils  can be used not only to stimulate marma points, but also to restore energy, to relax physically and psychologically patient. Marma therapy also says positive mantras and meditates to eliminate any blockages.

This is not a standard massage in the sense of muscle manipulation, but is a conscious, systematic stimulation of those points that the practitioner deems necessary. They can be combined with  various massage techniques,  following a complex system of interpretation and diagnosis.

What are marma points and where are they?

At one point, the energy of at least two systems is concentrated. The deterioration of any of them can lead to major changes in the patient’s health. They are known as vital points because they are doors for direct access to the vital energy (prana) of the body.

The secret power of these energy centers is that when stimulated, they release a steady stream of prana to restore balance in the body. Ayurveda says that in order to be healthy in this life, we must allow vital energy or prana to flow smoothly. If we are in imbalance  and get carried away by thoughts or attitudes that are detrimental to our lives, this energy is blocked and the prana cannot flow properly, therefore the body does not function harmoniously.

7 out of all 107 points are considered major. They correspond to each chakra distributed in the arms and legs, back, torso, stomach, neck, head and face. Each  Marma point brings together different types of tissue such as muscles, veins and tendons. These are the points where vital energy or “prana” can be activated.

Currently, some spas or spas around the world include it as an important tool for balancing the energy of the body  and its rejuvenating effects.

What to Expect During a Marma Therapy Session?

There are several methods by which marma points can be stimulated. Any trained Ayurvedic therapist  can recommend a method that meets your specific needs. Usually one practice starts with eating food or  ahangha to relax the body. Herb-enriched oil is then applied to extract “ama” (toxicity) and work on specific marma points  in circular motions.

Clockwise circles are used to stimulate energy flow, while opposite motions are used to (calming energy). Depending on the individual needs, the following components may be included in the massage:

 Light therapy

Colored lights can be used above the marma dots to direct incoming prana for a particular function. This can be helpful when working to treat a particular pain or illness.

Energy is a powerful healer. In fact, Ayurveda suggests that he is the only healer. By directly accessing and  working with prana, rather than simply altering its effects in the body, you can feel new levels of health, vitality and tranquility. Once your intentions have been clarified, Marma points treatment  will open up  your vitality and healing energy. This will assist your whole being in the transformation process!

Essential oils

Essential oils contain energy and information from nature. This intelligence communicates with  energy and information content  at every marma point. For example, sandalwood oil can be used on “Sthapani” (the point between the eyebrows) to calm the mind and awaken intuition. Eucalyptus oil can be used on the marma point  “Kshipra” (it is located on the palm between the thumb and index finger) to help clear the airways.

Crystals and gems

Crystals are energy conductors that amplify prana as it enters the marmalade. Placing specific energy crystals on specific marma points can help augment prana for healing purposes.

Different gems have different levels of energy depending on where and how they are formed. Geological forces deep in the earth produce  precious stones . They are in a constant cycle of transformation. Some are formed quickly by heat and pressure (volcanic force or tectonic activity). Others have crystallized for millions of years in sediment layers near the surface of the earth’s crust.

How long does it last?

Traditionally, Marma therapy is practiced daily for 7 to 14 days, but 3 to 5 consecutive sessions can provide the intensity needed to transform the body at both emotional and physical levels.

 Who Can Benefit From Marma Therapy?

Martial arts practitioners, athletes, surfers, dancers and other performers who need to keep their bodies in good condition and shape, time bound people, extremely stressed and those under constant stress. In general, this therapy is appropriate for people who need to relax.

 Who Can Practice Marma Therapy?

Massage therapists, doctors, herbologists, energy healers, midwives, teachers, yoga instructors  who have a gift or attraction to this type of medicine.

What are the benefits of Marma Therapy?

Marma can help with:

  • Detoxification of mind, body, psyche and spirit
  • Prevention of aging
  • Releasing deep tension
  • Encouragement of good sleep
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Relieving asthma and anxiety
  • Clearing of troubled emotions and psychological blockages
  • Improved circulation and energy flow
  • Relieving muscle pain, stiffness in the joints, and any restriction on body movement that may result from too much or too little exercise
  • Improve the way you look at yourself and your body
  • Promote a sense of self-acceptance.

All Marma therapies are an effective way to connect with  your deep self  while at the same time nourishing and healing your physical body. These sessions are an opportunity to go deep within yourself to transform and integrate appropriate patterns, emotions, and ways of being. They are also a great way to support your body as you move through emotional or physical healing.

Each session is much more than a relaxing massage. It is an experience of a deep connection that unfolds in the most appropriate way for you.

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Information from: Ayurvedic Clinic Bansko Website

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