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Golden milk — also known as turmeric milk — is an Indian drink that has been gaining popularity in Western cultures. This bright yellow beverage is traditionally made by warming up cow’s or plant-based milk with turmeric and other spices, such as cinnamon and ginger.

It’s touted for its many health benefits and often used as an alternative remedy to boost immunity and stave off illness. Golden milk—also known as Haldi (turmeric) milk—is a traditional Indian drink that has recently been gaining popularity in Western cultures, thanks to the increasing visibility of both yoga and Ayurveda.

This healthy, bright yellow beverage is traditionally made by warming up cow’s milk with turmeric and other spices like cinnamon and ginger. Alternatively, as a vegan variant, you can also make golden milk with a plant-based alternative, like nut milk or soy milk.

Turmeric, or Curcuma longa-Rhizoma, is also known as Haridrā, which literally means yellow. It is a perennial plant grown throughout Asia and has a signature bright yellow color. Turmeric’s taste (rasa) is pungent, bitter, and astringent. Its energy (virya) is heating, and it has dry and light qualities (gunas).⁠ Thus, turmeric contains balancing qualities for all three doshas: its heat balances Vata and kapha, its dryness and its pungent and bitter tastes balance kapha and its bitter taste also balances Pitta, making it tri-doshic!

Golden Milk it’s loaded with antioxidants, and may reduce inflammation and joint pain, improve memory and brain function, protect against heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, help digestion, improve bone health, and possibly reduce the risk of cancer. Lately, turmeric has come to the forefront of therapeutics for the role it plays in benefitting both general mental health and mood—especially anxiety.

Anxiety, or any other kind of stress, can tax agni (the digestive fire). If agni is weak, we are sure to suffer all kinds of imbalances. Fortunately, turmeric kindles the digestive fire. This action is known as “agni dīpana.”
Maintaining good digestive health is a major step in addressing anxiety or any other health concern. Turmeric’s intrinsic nature enables it to elevate mood and increase cognitive function.

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