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Its origin comes from the oriental and Ayurvedic medicine. The pindas are a natural preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs that are wrapped in a bag-shaped cloth made by hand and mixed with essential oils that are heated by steam. These are applied to the body in order to enhance its soothing, moisturizing and detoxifying properties.

The function of the massage with pindas is to balance: mind, body and soul with relaxing massage manipulations and the therapeutic power of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. With the pinda, pressure is made on the body causing therapeutic effects that activate the Chakras at an energetic and physical level. Draining lymphs stimulates circulation and creates a relaxed state.

When performing a massage with aromatic pindas we are getting a double benefit of relaxation and components provided by them.

This massage is particularly effective in improving blood, lymphatic circulation, and metabolism as well as relieving tension in the muscles. It induces physical and spiritual harmony.


  • Body relaxation

  • Stimulation of muscles

  • Increased muscle flexibility

  • Helps overcome insomnia

  • Ideal to combat stress

  • Removes toxins from the body and keeps the skin elastic and toned

  • It is very moisturizing

  • Help in cases of rheumatic diseases for its has a great anti inflammatory effect

  • Increases resistance to disease

  • Harmonizes the different body systems

  • Relieves migraines and prevents them from happening

  • Improves circulation

Without a doubt, imagining such a treatment invites us to try it, which is the best way to enjoy all its benefits.

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