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From an ayurvedic perspective, all suffering is the end result of living out of harmony with nature. Suffering or disease is the symptom. Disharmony is the cause.

This perspective offers humanity the opportunity to reflect on where we are out of harmony and how Covid-19 may be the symptom. We are indeed out of harmony on many levels from lifestyle to politics.

Dharma has many meanings but its highest meaning is to be in alignment with the Divine flow. From this place, all action is harmonious because it is divinely inspired rather than driven by the ego. Adharma is to be out of alignment. Actions from this place lead to the consequence of suffering. Crisis is an opportunity to reflect.

Where are we living in harmony and where are we out of harmony?

We can only look at this personally – in our own lives. When we realign with the divine flow (shakti), we blossom. Life energy surges through us and we embody the creative aspect of the universe. When we do this as a community, the community blossoms.

Do this as a country and the country blossoms. Do this as a planet and the planet blossoms. And yet it begins with each person realigning themselves with the Divine flow. You can call the Divine by any name or by no name, that is ok.

It is about aligning with that which is greater than one\’s own ego that matters. May we all, through this time of crisis, realign with spirit and in doing so fully blossom. May we together become a beautiful multi-colored bouquet in which each flower is tenderly cared for and admired for its unique beauty.

By Dr. Halper.

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