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Especially for Moms: Be Nourished and Replenish your Essence with Ayurveda

The modern world of mothering is multidimensional and sometimes overwhelming. When we can pause, reflect and expand our perspective, great transformation is possible.
At any age, a Mother may experience unfathomable love and joy for her children. At the same time she may feel of exhausted, detached and anxious.

Together we can transform those feelings as well as insomnia, digestive issues, hormone balance and feeling states such as sadness, erratic emotions, lack of inspiration, and physical and mental depletion.

The challenge for a Mom is to prioritize self-care while perceiving herself stretched in 100 directions. I know what that feels like and I care about your journey.

Moms are traditionally known for being experts at making sacrifices. Considering how much a Mom gives up in the early days of motherhood, this is so true! At this stage, it’s probably needed as well, since a newborn infant is delicate and requires 24×7 care.

However, as your child grows, he doesn’t require this level of intensive care, and every Mom can loosen up a little. Unfortunately, by then most Moms have gotten used to putting themselves last and they just go with the status quo. But not anymore!

This Mother’s Day, we encourage you to put yourself first, with support from another mother through Ayurveda.

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