Ayurvedic Self Care for Busy Moms

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There is no lack of personal care products today, but how many of them actually make things better? Most products that claim to be ‘luxurious’ or ‘pampering’ are anything but. Most products contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, lead, silicones, parabens and even coal tar. Needless to say, these can cause lasting harm from the inside out, the result of which are the various kinds of diseases we see afflicting us today.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of yourself. There are many ways you can engage in some self-love and self-care, all thanks to the magic of natural products and healing science like Ayurveda. By using Ayurvedic principles in your life and in the products you use, you can experience many benefits like a complete sense of wellness, balance in all your body systems and freedom from illnesses brought on by a chemical onslaught.

So here are some tips to take care of yourself and make life easier at home – all with the power of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for Your Skin and Hair

  • Raw milk is a great cleanser. Use a cotton ball to apply all over your face for an instant pick–me–up. It’s also a good moisturizer and removes those last bits of makeup.
  • Aloe vera is truly a magical herb that has several applications when it comes to skin and hair care. Use the gel in your hair mask for super soft hair or apply on acne-ridden areas for a soothing effect.
  • Honey is another natural product that has a host of health benefits – both, for inside and outside of your body. Honey works well to retain the moisture of skin and is a great addition to DIY face packs.
  • There’s nothing like coconut oil for a good old-fashioned hair massage.
  • Both the application of oil and massaging the scalp are known to stimulate hair follicles along with reducing stress.
  • Another trick is oil pulling. This is a technique of swishing oil around in the mouth, which is great for overall oral health along with maintaining your pearly whites.
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