An Ayurvedic Facial, Who Needs One?

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An Ayurvedic facial is literally food for your skin, making it an amazing treatment for all skin types.

At Ayurbeauty we mix together herbs, oils and serums to truly customize your facial and feed your skin. Having control over those factors also ensures there are no funky chemicals being applied to your skin that could cause irritation, which is especially great news for those with sensitive or acne prone (pitta) skin!

The herbal and natural ingredients used in our facials nourishes your skin according to your specific dosha (skin type) and in return your skin will radiate.

Some sweet Ayurvedic facial benefits and results you may experience are:

  • Those with dry and aging skin will notice dryness is balanced, the skin stays hydrated throughout the day, fine lines and age spots are softened, and your skin will glow with moisturized happiness.
  • Those with acne prone and congested skin will notice the ingredients in our facials are gentle yet effective. Using natural ingredients and working with the natural ph of your skin you will notice your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, congestion removed and acne will begin it’s healing process.
  • And of course, they are extremely relaxing!

As I’ve mentioned, Ayurvedic facials are great for everyone, but to see lasting long-term effects the continued use of proper Ayurvedic skin care practices and products at home in addition to your monthly facials is the best way to achieve this.

Caitlin Cimino (Ayurbeauty\’s newest Esthetician!)

Caitlin has been studying wholistic wellness and healing since 2006.

After spending most of her teenage and early adult years on antibiotics for recurring sinus infections and seeing her immune system weaken over time as a result, she decided there had to be a more proactive and lasting solution.

This led her to researching natural remedies and applied them to her life. She saw long-term and sometimes immediate results from taking remedies she found in her kitchen and this lit her desire to continue learning natural approaches to healing the body\’s physical and emotional imbalances.

She has been a Licensed Esthetician since 2007, became certified in Western Herbalism in 2015 and today incorporates these learnings through Ayurvedic facials and treatments

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