Be free Thailand Tour May 20th to June 3rd

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For much of my life, I rejected the notion of resolving to change my life on a specific day, because I had hoped that I was trying to do that throughout the year. But that’s like saying you shouldn’t plan a road trip, because when you get in the car, you will be trying to get some where the entire time.

If that’s the kind of trip you have in mind, it can be fun for a short while, but even an impromptu trip requires some sort of planning, or else you’ll stay right where you are.

Over the last few years, I have been setting down on paper the things I want to change and the places I would like to visit.

THAILAND has been in my mind for a very while, but who can resist Thailand with its legions of dazzling golden temples, idyllic beaches on paradise islands, cute Asian Elephants roaming around, curious but friendly monkeys, bustling markets, pulsating cityscapes, rural charm and the palate-pleasing cuisine?
The energy follows the thoughts and the thoughts always start with an intention, this is how my dear friend Juliano Echeverri suddenly crossed into my path to inspire us to take the trip of our lives.

It was hard to decide: the deciduous and evergreen forest, the cultural cities or the out of this world beaches.??? 🤔🤔🤔 I have always been the type of person “ Who wants it all…. and wants it now” :):):) 🙌🙌 Very well handled this statement can be helpful to achieve my goals in life, so we have decided to visit all of them and visit them soon.😁😁 Our Thailand trip is a fact and a group of beautiful souls will be joining us this coming May 2018.

Join us in this wonderful trip and book your spot to practice Yoga, Meditation and learn about Ayurveda in a life changing experience.

MAY 20TH TO JUNE 3RD. 2018
PM ME OR TEXT ME AT 4076179016

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