Hello Pollen, is that you?

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I’m really loving my morning runs through Orlando lately – witnessing all the different colored flowers blooming and their unique smells is really beautiful.

However, with this beauty also comes pollen, and lots of it. So I thought I’d create a little write up on some simple Ayurvedic/Herbal ways to take care of yourself during allergy season.

  • Number one is Nettle (Utica silica)! Nettle is a super safe herb that is a vitamin power house (iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc), an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. It’s an amazing preventative to take during allergy season. While available in capsule form, the best way to reap it’s benefits are by making an infusion, letting it sit over night and sipping it throughout the next day. 


  • Number two is Naysa and Neti Pots on the regular! Naysa Therapy is a sinus therapy combining medicinals like herbal oil, ghee, and herbal powder. A Neti Pot is a small container with a long spout used to rinse the nasal cavities with warm distilled/purified water and sea salt.  We offer Naysa Treatment at Ayurbeauty – our Ayurvedic therapist apply a customized healing and herbal oil application into the nostrils while stimulating specific Marma points around your face.


  • Number three goes to Netra Tarpana. Netra Tarpana is a deeply nourishing treatment for the eyes which involves bathing the eyes in medicated oil. Allergy season is known for creating itchy, irritated and strained eyes. Netra Tarpana does a wonderful job at soothing the eyes, reducing redness and relieving discomfort. At Ayurbeauty we also offer Netra Tarpana Therapy. Your Ayurvedic therapist will create a dam made of dough around your eyes and then, through a slow flow, pour warm medicated oil or ghee into the dam. Your therapist will then assist you in specific eye exercises to spread the medicated liquid to all areas of the eye.


  • Number four is reduce your intake of dairy. Dairy is known to cause mucus, and during allergy season we are all more susceptible to mucus, so why double up on it?

If you feel a sinus infection coming along, I would definitely suggest the above in addition to doing the following things  3-4 times a day (and as always, you know your body best, so use your best judgement):

  • drink organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar (2tbsp to 1cup water and add some local unfiltered honey for taste)
  • take a tbsp of unfiltered organic honey
  • take clove of smashed garlic

I hope the above will save some of you from having to deal with the repercussions of allergy season.


We also would love to help you take care of yourself during this time (and always!) so we\’ve included a special \”Allergy Season Package\” that expires June 21 (first day of summer). Purchase for yourself or as a gift certificate for a sinus sensitive friend.

The Allergy Season Package includes: (1) 30min Naysa Therapy, (1) 60min Netra Tarpana Therapy and (1) 60min Marma Massage Therapy for Sinuses: $155 (a sweet savings of $30!).


Happy spring!


Caitlin Cimino
Ayurvedic Esthetician, Wholistic Advisor, Western Herbalist



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