August 21st. 2017 Solar Eclipse: Vedic Astrology ” from the inside-out”

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Dig in and consciously choose to make the shifts you need to make from the inside-out to align with your Soul Blueprint, so you can heal your past, activate your divine gifts, and lead the movement that you’ve come here to lead.


Today August 21, 2017, the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in 99 years will cut a diagonal path through the United States. Many people will flock to view it and it has created a media hype.

Our mainstream media and NASA have done a wonderful job at advertising this natural event, by directing millions of people to watch it. They are also directing them to buy safety ISO certified eclipse glasses that cost about $10 each retail. Well, after all, not a bad price to save our eyes from retinal damage!

If you do not happen to have these safety glasses they are recommending that you could film the eclipse with your mobile phone, but they are also warning not to film for too long as your camera lens might get damaged as well.

But what Nasa and the mainstream media are failing to warn to the public is that besides the physical damage that watching the eclipse without the proper safety glasses might cause to our eyes, there might be other physical, mental and emotional distress that could come by exposing ourselves to these harmful energies.

Just take a breath, and ask yourself the following simple logical question: 
If a mechanical camera lens could get damaged by filming the eclipse, do you really think is safe to expose millions of American families and their children to this event?

I asked my Intuition a few days ago, and guess what? it said no. It is not safe. 
This Solar Eclipse business is not resonating with my intuition, no way!
When I was invited by a dear friend of mine to watch the eclipse together, there was something that did not feel right with me. My mind could not say for sure what it was, but my heart wasn’t feeling it right. So, since nowadays I like to follow my heart, I decided to do some research about this phenomena, and here is what I found:

1)During a Solar Eclipse, there is a definite change in the vibrational frequency of energies on Earth, as the most powerful planets that affect all our physical and subtle bodies will be aligned that day. Your balance may be affected, you may feel out of sorts, also you may become feel extra sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around you.

2)Animals can actually sense an Eclipse and often display erratic behavior leading up to and during the event. One study conducted on spiders found that during a Solar Eclipse the spiders dismantled their webs and built them up again once the Eclipse had passed.

3)The Solar Eclipse will be affecting us on a much deeper level than we even realize. The event will affect our circadian rhythms, which are normally controlled by our pineal gland, which is the gland also responsible for the opening and awakening of our third eye. This could make us feel tired and lethargic.

4)According to Native American Shamans and also other ancient cultures including the Vedic tradition, a Solar Eclipse represents a powerful time of healing.The alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth represents the dissolving of differences and the coming together as One.

5)For some Indian cultures, a Solar Eclipse has a more foreboding message and it is believed to be a time where evil can rise to the surface. Pregnant women are warned not to go outside and many will not eat food during an Eclipse. Digestive disturbances and crops harvested and eaten during an Eclipse can be devoid of nutrients.

6)As a matter of fact, in many cultures, a Solar Eclipse is viewed as a negative omen and is believed to create natural disasters such as earthquakes and so on. When it comes to cosmic events like this Solar Eclipse, just follow your own instincts and see what resonates and comes up for you to stay safe during this intense shift of energies.

7)A Solar Eclipse can also help to activate a dream-like state and is actually a perfect time to meditate or conduct any kind of spiritual ritual or practice, so take a break during this time if you can, connect to your heart and feel what is the best practice that will help you evolve spiritually through the healing of your mind, body, and soul.

For this Solar Eclipse, in particular, I have seen many people around me going through lots of changes and new beginnings, I have felt powerful energies rising in this month of August, energies that will peak tomorrow during the eclipse.

My recommendation is simply to be gentle with yourself, please avoid exposing your mental, emotional and physical bodies to these powerful energies and instead practice lots of self-love and self-care rituals. Do lots of pranayama breathing exercises to ground yourself, eat lots of root vegetables (SATVIK VATA balancing food) and do meditation if is available to you. It is for sure a powerful spiritual time and an auspicious time for healing.



written by:

Juliano GoodVibes Echeverri

Aug 20/2017

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