A Father’s Love !!!

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A parent’s love for their children is bonded and sealed as unconditional at the instant the child is born by the hormone oxytocin. Sometimes, parents have a hard time showing this love, but underneath a lifetime of emotions and struggle, this bond is indelible. Unfortunately, children and their parents often fail to experience the true love that has bound them together for a lifetime.

The secret to unveiling the truth of a relationship and re-kindling the oxytocin spark that binds you to your parents is simple. Stop acting on the reasons why you should not love them and start acting on the reasons why you should love them. The keyword here is “act.” You cannot just think about how you love them or just think about how grateful you are for their parental sacrifice — we must all look for the opportunities to act on the love and take a risk to love them with a full heart, with no expectation to receive anything in return.

This Father’s Day, give fully from the bottom of your heart.

Happy Father\’s day to all the amazing and wonderful men that pour their strengths, talents and hearts into their families !

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