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Ayurveda is one of the best solutions for regular skincare. Instead of opting for chemical-laden facials which provide a temporary glow, Ayurvedic facials help enhance radiance from within.

According to ayurveda, basmati rice is the king of all rices. Basmati rice is sattvic, or pure; it balances all three doshas; it is nourishing for the body tissues; and it is easy to digest. … Rice is generally good for balancing Vata and Pitta.

Rice is far more beneficial than those artificial products which claim to lighten and brighten up your skin.
At ayurbeauty we use natural ingredients like Rice in different forms to get that glow on your face and gradually improve your skin tone.
Rice contains a few sun-protecting agents like ferulic acid and allantoin, which convert it into a good natural sunscreen.
Being a good anti-inflammatory agent, rice powder also soothes sunburns and prevents the skin from sun tan.

¡We look forward to sharing the journey of wellness with you! 

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